Simple way to earn cash on line by completing advertiser offer,watch video,complete survey,task and earns point. how much you will earn is unlimited no limited to earn money,you get commission by your referrals up to 3 level. How to get paid?
1-Sign up for free Points Shop
2-Do your job by completing the offers,watch video,task and survey.
3-Earn $0.50 per registration by your affiliate link.
4-$0.50 once your referral completes an offer.
5-Accepted member from all country.

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Do you like to write article on your blog? if yes, convert it with real cash on Posts Genius " Make Money Blogging. Earn Cash by Writing Posts and Reviews, then Publishing Them on Your Blogs or Websites ". Because the advertiser will be pay for your article on your blog or web site and earn thousands of dollars by writing website, product or service reviews,Publish articles, posts and reviews on your own blog/website and earn money for it,Increase your blog´s readership by providing high-quality articles for your audience,targeted content will drive up your search traffic. We´ll teach you how to write,advertiser will be pay you from $5 to $1000 per published blog post according to your blog´s quality.
How it work :
1-Advertisers adds their campaign and selects the preferred blogs. The selected bloggers are notified     & confirm interest.
2-Bloggers write articles, posts, and reviews according to the advertisers orders, then publish them on their blogs and websites.
3-Once you provide URLs of your posts, the advertiser approves them or provides remarks. Payments for approved posts are credited, and when your balance is $50 or more, you can request payout by paypal.
How to start earn cash :
1-Start by create new account on Posts Genius.
2-Follow the sign up form to registration.
3-Click "Blogger" if you wants to earn cash by write article,and earn more cash by "Affiliate program".
4-Affiliate rate commision by 10% level 1 and 5% level 2 from your downline cashout.
5-Promote your Affiliate link or banner to get advertiser and publisher to earn cash. 6-The minimum payout is $50 by paypal.
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JSS-TRIPLER INTRODUCTION :The best number 1 on line businness to make money on line ! You do not need to do anythink to make money on JSS Tripler, just sign up you will get $ 10 bonus and start buy your position with your first balance :
1- First way sign up on Jss Tripler.
2- Buy your position with your sign up bonus $ 10, you get 1 position.
3- With JSS-Tripler, you earn 2% per day on every active position you purchase. * You buy 1  position, you earn 2% per day or 20 cents per day. * You buy 100 positions, you earn 2% per day or $20.00 per day.
4- You can spend your daily earnings from JSS-Tripler on a daily basis by sending them to your JSS account for withdrawal within 24 hours - minimum of $20 per withdrawal, or using your earnings to buy new positions (compounding your earnings) - minimum purchase of one $10 position
5- You can earn 10% commissions ($1.00 per position) from every position your referrals buy, even those bought from their daily earnings - this money is credited to your JSS-Tripler account immediately.
6- You can earn 5% commissions (50 cents) from from every position your referrals' referrals buy (2nd-level commssions), even those bought from their daily earnings - this money is credited to your JSS-Tripler account immediately.
7- All Similar Programs (Usually Called Revenue-Share Programs, Doublers, Cyclers, Autosurfs, or HYIPs) Slow Down, Stall, and Disappear - JSS-Tripler is indefinitely sustainable. For more detail information click on JSS Tripler Member Area.

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